FLAX – Foreign Local Artistic Xchange: A Network for Cultural Collaboration

FLAX is a network for cultural networking and collaboration, which promotes cultural exchange and cooperation for local and newly arrived cultural workers, artists and institutions inside Germany. We do not exclude any nation, color, legal status (as, for example, a refugee status) or religion. We are open and accessible to everybody. We are supporting and organizing interdisciplinary and intercultural artistic projects. We support artists in developing their individual artistic position or obtaining cultural education in Germany. A strong part of our program is a mentoring program established for newly arrived artists and cultural managers from all different parts of the world. We provide support and, if possible, access to university education, scholarships, residencies, information, proposals, and workshops. Our mission is to bring people from the cultural world in contact to each other. We would like to support you as individual arriving newly to Germany. We will try to accompany you through the complexity of the German Cultural Systems. We believe that a strong network is a chance to develop artistically as an individual and that mixing disciplines and backgrounds are a key to creativity and intercultural competency.