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Cheewit nay Israel

Cheewit nay Israel is a web series produced by Matan Kaminer, GLV Productions and the Israeli workers’ rights organisation Kav La’oved. Within the series, Kaminer and his co-host Adi Bachar from Kav La’oved, provide answers to the many questions of Thai migrant workers who come to Israel to search for employment. These migrants take on the labour of a great portion Israel’s agricultural sector, and due to linguistic and cultural barriers, they are made vulnerable to isolation and the violation of their legal rights. What started as a light-hearted approach to spreading information became a mission when, after the release of the first episode, dozens of concerning enquiries came through. Thai workers had sent a range of pressing questions, varying from issues regarding wages, contracts, and changing employer, to the legality of requiring workers to take on non-agricultural related tasks. To further the understanding of these workers’ conditions, Kaminer began interviewing them, although he found that through Facebook it was easier to get more authentic responses. As a result, Kaminer and his production team, have continued the production of episodes to provide useful and relevant answers to the many concerns of Thai workers in Israel. Please find more details here.

Little Portugal: Stories of Portuguese speakers living in London

The Little Portugal Project is an activist London-based project led by Ana Có and Carolina Mesquita. The aim of the project is to represent the diverse voices of the Portuguese-speaking community in London including those of African and Latin American descent. Through videos, photographs, and other visual content, the Little Portugal Project explores the stories of Portuguese-speakers in Stockwell, an area in the Borough of Lambeth in South London known as Little Portugal. Migrants in this area have created a community where Portuguese businesses are managed by the migrants themselves, offering everything from traditional dishes to Portuguese-made products. The Little Portugal Project actively enables the subjective experiences of Portuguese speaking migrants to be heard. The use of visual media is effective in capturing the experiences of Portuguese speaking migrants and depicting their work trajectories, which can function as possible role models for other migrants. Video interviews featured by the Little Portugal Project are produced at a professional standard and successfully capture the worldviews of these migrants who are largely unrepresented in the media and in accounts about London in general. The visual methodology in this research enables interviews to become personal and intimate, allowing the embodied experience of these migrants to be communicated meaningfully to a larger audience.

Migration Trail

Migration Trail is an audio-visual project that uses maps and data visualisation in order to retrace the journeys of people travelling from Turkey and North Africa to Europe in search for a better life.  The journeys can be followed in real time and include the fictional characters’ thoughts, which can be sent as messages (written by Elnathan John and Nadia Asfour) to one’s phone, viewed on the website, or listened to on the project’s podcast.  Migration Trail started in 2014 in reaction to little attention the issue of migration to Europe had been getting in the media.  The real-time story-telling project was officially launched in 2017 as a way to address and convey the urgency and immediacy that the issue demanded, but lacked.